Posted by: Josh Lehner | April 8, 2016

Mid-Valley Economic and Housing Outlook, 2016

This morning I am giving a presentation to a group of realtors in Corvallis who cover the mid-valley region more broadly. Below are a complete set of slides and research I have put together on the regional economic and housing outlook. It covers the Albany, Corvallis and Salem MSAs or Benton, Linn, Marion and Polk counties. My actual presentation is a smaller subset of this larger one. Thought I should post the complete set for those interested in some of the mid-valley trends.


  1. Thank you for the excellent presentation this morning, Josh.

    • Thanks Dawn; appreciate the kind words!

  2. […] I posted slides from a Corvallis and Albany presentation I did last year. In the near future I will share recent work I have done for Bend and Eugene as […]

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