Posted by: Josh Lehner | October 27, 2015

Oregon Income Trends

This week Portland State University is holding two great meetings for its Census Data User group – one in Portland on Wednesday (live stream starts at 9:30 am, will be archived for later) and one in Salem on Thursday. (There are a few spaces left for those interested in attending either day.) PSU is bringing in two researchers from the U.S. Census Bureau including Trudi Renwick, Chief of the Poverty Statistics Branch, and Linda Clark, Data Dissemination Specialist. Trudie will detail income trends based on Census data and also demonstrate the data tools available for use, while Linda will provide updates on field testing, content changes and methodology updates.

Along with Portland State’s Charles Rynerson, who will cover the 10 years worth of American Community Survey data, I will present on income trends across Oregon. My slides are below. Given the group is primarily analysts, economists, researchers and the like, the focus is both on trends and changes across Oregon but also on pairing the income data with other sources, like household debt, housing costs, tax revenue and job polarization, to further one’s analysis beyond straight Census reports.

As always with our office, the detailed microdata work (PUMS) comes from the state demographer, Kanhaiya Vaidya.


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