Posted by: Josh Lehner | October 8, 2014

Special Request for Website Testing

We have a special request for testing a new website about the state’s 10-Year Plan. Below is a brief message from DAS, the Office of the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Financial Office.

Oregonians should know what their state government is up to and how it affects them. That’s why we’re developing a new website that brings together the 10-Year Plan for Oregon – describing what state government is doing – with key data in a variety of areas – measuring how we are doing. Our goal is to make the information as accessible as possible and we need your help.

We’re looking for volunteers to test the usability of the new website. Testing should only take about 30 minutes and could be done from your own computer. We would simply send you a link to the website, ask you to find different pieces of information, then gather your feedback regarding how easy, or difficult, things were to find. Testing will occur any time on October 27 or 28, at the convenience of the volunteers.

Once the new site goes live, I know a lot of you will use it either for your job or for finding information about the state budget and outcome areas. As an early tester you can let DAS know about the usability of the site. If you are interested, please email us by clicking here or copying and pasting into an email.

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