Posted by: Josh Lehner | May 20, 2014

Graph of the Week: Effective Income Tax Rates

Now that the tax filing deadline has come and gone and the bulk of the tax returns have been processed, I thought I would highlight some of the great work our friends over in the Research Section of the Department of Revenue do. This graph of the week shows how Oregon’s effective personal income tax rate changes across the income spectrum. Follow the link for their statistics and reports website where you can find all the details you want on personal income, corporate, property and lodging taxes. They really are an invaluable source of information and without the research folks at Department of Revenue and the Employment Department, our office would not be able to function very well, if at all.




  1. Couldn’t agree more Josh! The Research folks are an invaluable resource for the Department of Revenue…and we really appreciate all that they do for us! They are an asset to our agency, but they are truly an asset to the state of Oregon!

  2. Nice chart. How about showing the data your office produces on general fund revenue sources: personal income tax, corporate income tax and other revenues, as a companion chart? I haven’t updated my version in a few years but I made one that showed the shares from each source from 1977-78 forward. I thought it was interesting that the share from personal income tax increased from about 70% to about 85%.

    • Thanks Erik. That is something we can look into. Here is the latest version I could find online. This comes from the 2013-15 Governor’s recommended budget (see PDF page 28 in the big document). The latest 2013-15 forecast figures would not differ too much from this version. Yes, the reliance on the personal income tax to the General Fund has increased over time, which is at least partially due to legislative and policy changes to other revenue streams in recent decades.

      Click to access 2013-15_gbb.pdf

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