Posted by: Josh Lehner | December 6, 2013

Graph of the Week: Financial Crises Update

Friend of the blog, Catherine Rampell of the New York Times, asked for an update on the financial crisis comparison graph, so here is the latest. The U.S. today is a little less than 1 percentage point below the level of employment at the start of the crisis. This compares favorably with the other major financial crises in recent history (plus the Great Depression). Check out Ms Rampell’s post for more or read our previous posts (2011 original, 2012 update) for much more detail on comparing these crises.



  1. […] The following graph is an update with U.S. employment data through November 2013. The remainder of the post is as previously […]

  2. […] UPDATE: The information below was originally published September, 2011; an update was done in September, 2012 and the latest employment graph (data through November 2013) is here. […]

  3. […] right column so you can quickly browse all these graphs of the week. I am retroactively calling the update to the historical financial crises graph the first edition, so today I present the second edition: Health and Social Assistance employment […]

  4. […] is complete and/or corporations invest more, absolutely. However, slow growth coming out a financial crisis is the norm and the demographic trends moving forward will weigh considerably on growth rates as the Baby […]

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