Posted by: Josh Lehner | October 18, 2012

What OEA is up to these days

It’s been a sparse couple of weeks on the blog and that is likely to continue for at least another week or two. Sorry about that but here is what we’ve been up to and our schedule looking forward.

In October our office released both the Corrections Population Forecast and the Oregon Youth Authority Demand Forecast. If you want to check in on the latest criminal trends and forecast for both the adult and youth populations, please see those files over on our main site.

The rest of the month will be filled with gearing up for the next quarterly economic and revenue forecast, set to be released on Tuesday, November 20th. Mark and I are headed to the FTA Revenue Estimation and Tax Research Conference where we will discuss economic and revenue trends with our colleagues in other states in addition to an action packed slate of conference sessions (if you like revenue estimation and tax research, which we do.) In addition to revenue discussions, I will also be speaking with other states about the preliminary employment benchmark data and I’ve been asked to present the financial crises update work to the broader conference audience as well. Following the conference, we have our regular forecast meetings discussing the preliminary forecast figures for Lottery, the economy and General Fund revenues. All of which will be wrapped up, finalized and published on November 20th.

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