Posted by: Josh Lehner | July 28, 2011

Changes at OEA

Tom will be resigning as Oregon’s state economist, effective September 15th, at which time he will return to his post at Portland State University, where he has been on leave since 1999. At Portland State, Tom will be both the chair of the Department of Economics and also the director of the newly formed Northwest Institute for Applied Economic Research. Tom will continue to be actively involved in discussing and researching the Oregon economy. Our office would like to thank Tom for his many years of service to the State and appreciate the guidance and assistance he has provided to all of his fellow employees over the years. We wish him nothing but the best moving forward.

As for our office, Mark McMullen has been named interim state economist for the near term as other possibilities (staffing, organization, location) continue to be discussed. Mark has been the office’s senior economist for nearly the past year, during which time he has been our chief revenue forecaster. Prior to joining the state, Mark was the director of consulting for Moody’s Analytics, with previous stints at both the Congressional Budget Office and the Center for International Comparisons.


  1. Tom, you’ve done a great job as Oregon’s state economist. I wish you well on your return to PSU and success as director of the new Northwest Institute for Applied Economic Research. I look forward to seeing the research you and your colleagues will publish relating to economic development and policies for Oregon.

  2. While I fully expect the professionalism and high quality of the OEA will continue unabated, Tom will be missed – both for the steady leadership and clear thinking he displayed in a tough but critical role, but especially for the way he managed to convey complicated concepts and policy issues for those of us who took Econ for Athletes in college. Thanks, Tom, and I’ll look forward to continuing to work with you in the new position.


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