Posted by: Josh Lehner | May 25, 2010

Oregon Economic and Revenue Forecast – June 2010

The Office of Economic Analysis’ quarterly forecast was released today. Please visit our website for the full document. The various sections of the forecast are available individually, as are Excel files detailing employment, income and other economic variables, both on an annual and quarterly frequency.

Below are a few graphs and tables summarizing portions of our most recent forecast. The first graph illustrates our total nonfarm employment forecast for Oregon and IHS Global Insight’s employment forecast for the U.S.

Our forecasts for personal income and employment from our three most recent releases are shown in the graph below.

A major component of personal income taxes and the changes from year to year are capital gains. Please note the 2009 figure is not final and is an estimate based upon all available information at this time. Also, the y-axis is measured in millions.

Finally, corporate taxes are very volatile and move substantially from one year to the next.

Please stay tuned for more discussion of the state revenue picture in the coming days, as well as further discussions of the economic forecast later in the week.

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